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Our Rooms at Adventure Kids

Scouts | Infants

0-2 Years

Our babies room is a warm, homely and inviting environment with friendly teachers who have a love for caring and teaching this age group.

Communication with the parents is very important and we follow the children’s home routine and incorporate it into our centre setting.

We are inspired by the RIE approach where children are treated with respect, with unhurried routines, children grow and learn at their own pace.

Within our environment, we have a space specifically designed for our younger babies where they can learn to crawl and build their confidence with developing other milestones safely.

Children are cared for and nurtured in the arms of the teachers while very young and when old enough, sit at the tables with their peers and become more independent.

Natural resources are available for the children, including Heuristic play baskets, wooden toys, and various equipment as well as a range of art and tactile experiences where children can explore and use all of their senses.

Explorers | Preschoolers

3-4.5 Years (Approx)

Our preschool area works alongside our toddlers and children have opportunities to work alongside the younger children, this fosters strong tuakana teina (relationships) between peers.

Within the preschool environment children are actively engaged and teachers are there to support the children but also like to take a step back and observe the learning occurring.

Teachers work alongside the children to set up an environment which is challenging, provides curiosity and active exploration.

Children’s self-help skills are important at this stage and children are supported to go to the toilet on their own, wash hands, dress themselves, serve up their own morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
The preschool children have regular mat times throughout the day where they learn songs, stories and are encouraged to share discussion with the other children.

Flyers | Toddlers

2-3 Years (Approx)

Our toddler room environment is set up where children are able to make choices within their curriculum areas. Activities are age appropriate and follow the children’s interests.

Children are given opportunities to explore, be challenged and develop confidence through enhancing their self-help skills.

Toilet training routines are carried through from the home environment within this room and teachers work alongside the children to achieve these goals.

Toddlers start to become very independent and are starting to build solid relationships with their peers and teachers. Our Toddlers room works alongside our Preschool room and children have opportunities to engage and play alongside the older children specifically in our shared outdoor space, when necessary we are able to separate them into their age groups for mat times and meal times.

At mat times throughout the day children learn a range of stories and songs, and are involved in active movement. We also provide children time after lunch to have a sleep or rest if needed.

Travellers | Preschoolers

4.5-6 Years (Approx)

The Travellers’ group is supporting the tamariki that are about to transition to school, as we believe in building the foundation for children to go off to school as confident, capable learners.  The group allows some new concepts to be introduced to the tamariki such as formal roll call, sitting on the mat and a phonic that changes biweekly. Activities in the group are planned to support the tamariki and their ability to listen, comprehend and follow instructions, recognise and begin to write their names. They play games, develop their mark making and work on on-going projects. The “work” of Travellers is planned around their individual needs and interests. Communication, social and emotional skills. The aim of this group time is to support their impending transition, after discussions with whanau and other Kaiako and based on the child’s interest the tamariki are invited to join. There is no set age for the Travellers’ group as each child is unique and we want this to be a supportive positive experience. Our general aim is that the tamariki have about 2 terms in the travellers before they start their exciting new journey at primary school.

Our Team

Our experienced teachers are warm, welcoming and fun. They guide our tamariki to engage in challenging experiences and treat all children with respect, providing equal opportunities to ensure your child gets the best start in life.

Our dedicated team of teachers at Adventure Kids support our tamariki in a wide range of learning opportunities, working collaboratively with each other to design the learning environment to capture children’s current interests. This could be through supporting an individual stage of development or through a group learning focus. At Adventure Kids, children are given given unhurried opportunities to learn and grow alongside their friends and teachers, with a range of materials and resources available to them.

All children are valued at their unique stage of life, respected for who they are and have equal opportunities to ensure the best possible start in life. This special environment with a community of talented individuals, encourages the joy and wonder of learning to come alive.

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We are committed to follow the aspirations of the New Zealand National ECE Curiculum, Te Whāriki,

“For children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society”.

Te Whāriki envisages kaiako in early learning settings working in partnership with parents, whānau and community to realise this vision. The expectation is that, in their early years, children will experience a curriculum that empowers them as lifelong learners.

Te Whāriki supports this work by providing a framework of principles and strands. The principles are the foundations of curriculum decision making and a guide for every aspect of pedagogy and practice. The strands are 5 areas of learning and development, where the focus is on supporting children to develop the capabilities they need as confident and competent learners. Each setting takes these principles and strands and, in partnership with parents and whānau, uses them to ‘weave’ a curriculum whāriki that is specifically designed for their children.


At Adventure Kids our teachers are committed to providing a rich curriculum inside of an engaging physical environment that provides children with opportunities to learn physically, socially and emotionally.

Through establishing strong relationships with important adults in a child’s life we can create a holistic approach to their individual learning journey that will eventually carry them through life.

Connection, communication and contribution are our priorities. We work proactively alongside the children, whānau and support networks inside our community. We do this by recognising and responding to the needs of each child’s whānau (Family Health), Tinana (Physical Health), Hinengaro (Mental Health) and Wairua (Spiritual Health), only then can we create a path to success and achievement.

We are committed to consistently evolving our practice and create opportunities to share our knowledge with others.


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